Heal Your Inner Child

Love. Heal. Reflect. Connect.


Take time out of your busy day

You deserve time for yourself


Through reflection, you can begin to shine light on what still hurts. This is so the healing can begin


Consciously reflect back on your journey

Let Go

Once you have shined light on the darkness, you can let go

Let us work with you to:

  • Be the Parents to Yourself that You Wanted as a Kid
  • Uncover What You are Holding Onto
  • Find & Become Aware of Triggers
  • Acknowledge your Feeling and How to Express Them
  • Creating Boundaries for Yourself
  • Find your Unique Self Expression
  • Learn How to Communicate Clearly
  • Build Clarity on Your Passions

The Course Will Cover

  • In depth sessions focused on inner child and inner parent archetypes
  • Finally forgive your parents and/or anyone else who has hurt you
  • Learn steps to love, hold and rescue your inner child from hurtful or scary past experiences to let go and heal
  • Practices to enhance the connection between you and your inner child
  • Learn what the root cause of your anxiety or depression lies, and steps to heal
  • Effective communication tools
  • How to fully express yourself creatively
  • Get you out of Fight-or-Flight mode with Nervous System calming techniques
  • How to heal yourself to attract healthy relationships
  • Various guided visualizations and meditation sessions
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