Helping This Planet Earth We All Share

“Look Closely at the present you are controlling. It should look like the future you are creating” ~ Alice Walker

It is up to us to create the change we want to see. That is why Rekindi is dedicated to finding ways to work with the earth, not trash it.

Our Journey has begun with the recycling all of the mats which are donated to us. This initial initiative is designed to create awareness, and keep this planet clean.

How Rekindi mats are used

How Rekindi mats are Recycled

How Rekindi will environmentally grow


To Make

How you can help

1. Select recycle

When you choose your mat, click the ‘Recycle’ add-on &

Fill out the form to receive a postage sticker

2. Send old mat

Send your old mat back to us in the post using the

postage sticker we sent you.

3. Mat gets recycled

Your old Mat either gets shredded & recycles,

gets given to a charity for reuse.

Made Using Natural Product

Rekindi Mats are made using recyclable products that will degrade over time. That’s why it’s important to keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as that slowly begin to biodegrade the mat.

Wash your mat

Respect & honor your stuff! When you take care of your external environment, you are taking care of your internal environment as well. When using your Rekindi mat, be sure to clean your mat with natural ingratiates, such as tee tree oil and water to extend its use.

Recycle your mat

When you purchase a Rekindi mat, select the ‘Recycle’ option, fill out a form, and we will send you a label to post it back to us!

From there, we either:

  • Shred & recycle the mat
  • Clean it up, and donate it to some of our various charities

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