"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Paul Pitsaras

The Great Resignation: What can we do to prepare?

Paul Pitsaras | PODCAST #22

Shelly Tygielski

How Meditation & Simply Showing Up Changed My Life

Shelly Tygielski | PODCAST #21

Dr Arthur Poropat

How to Optimize Relationships & Performance

Dr Arthur Poropat | PODCAST #019

Pat Reardon

How to Create the Ultimate Lifestyle

Professor Nir Eynon

How you can prolong life

Email: nir.eynon@vu.edu.au

Professor Nir Eynon | PODCAST #017

Taylor Hanna

How to prevent disease through diet

Joshua Dougall

Completed My Biomedical Degree & Chose Not to Become a Doctor

Sheradyn Dekker

IBS & Gut Health - Why I am bloating, have period pain, bad skin & more

Sheradyn Dekker | PODCAST #014

Suzannah Dunstone

Leaving an Abusive Relationship with Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

Suzannah Dunstone | PODCAST #013

Katrina Smith

Holographic Reprogramming & Quantum Remote Healing

Elissa Farrow

How to Prepare Yourself For a Future Involving A.I

Olivia Johnson

Spiritual Art & Healing - How to tap into your intuitive side?

Praveena Lakshmidur

The benefits of yoga - Why you should make it part of your everyday life!

Praveena Lakshmidur | PODCAST #007

Monika Tseng

How to live sustainably in an urban city


Learn how dancing saved her life

Nomvula the Greening Lady | PODCAST #005

Cassandra Jackson - Courage to Inspire with Cass

Over 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry & Coaching

Cassandra Jackson | PODCAST #004

Marieke de Lange

Marieke de Lange - Kundalini Yoga School

Over 10 years experience teaching & practicing Kundalini Yoga

Marieke de Lange | PODCAST #003

Anna Sangeet

Anna Sangeet - The Spiritual Midwife

Specialises in Midwifery, Life Coach, Womens Work, Kundalini Yoga

Racheal Maree

Racheal Maree - Thrive Natural Health

Registered Naturopath, Nutritionist and owner of Thrive Natural Health.

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