Crystal Sound Bowls “8 Inch

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Crystal singing bowls are an excellent tool to help clear your space and remove negative energy to promote a deep sense of calm.

This sound healing instrument is used in meditation, sound therapy, spiritual practices, and recreationally.

Each bowl releases a specific vibration created to align with specific frequencies found in each of the 7 chakras in the body.

These include:

A note – 3rd Eye Chakra

B note – Crown Chakra

C note – Root Chakra

D note – Sacral Chakra

E note – Solar Plexus Chakra

F note – Heart Chakra

G note – Throat Chakra

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5 reviews for Crystal Sound Bowls “8 Inch

  1. peter

    Love it! Sounds amazing, takes little effort to get the vibration going.

  2. jacob

    It’s all beautiful! I wish I could get every bowl, every chakra!

  3. Ale

    This is the best bowl I have ever owned. It gave me chills. The tone is pure, carries long, clears the space immediately.

  4. steven

    Amazing singing bowl for an unbeatable price.

  5. O

    This has a beautiful clear sound and is easy to play.

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