Crystal Sound Bowls “8 Inch


We are exposed to so many different energies around us, from the people we interact with, to stressful situations that can seem overwhelming. Negative energy can quickly buildup within us, particularly during stressful periods.

Crystal singing bowls are an excellent tool to help clear your space and remove negative energy to promote a deep sense of calm.

This sound healing instrument is used in meditation, sound therapy, spiritual practices, and recreationally.

Crystal singing bowls are designed to heal the mind and body through their various vibrational tones. Your organs, bones and chakras (energy centers) all vibrate at a specific frequency.

If something is wrong within the body, it is said to come from a vibratinal disturbance somewhere in the body. The crystal bowl music uses sound vibrational therapy to release any blockages within the body and regain harmony.

Each bowl releases a specific vibration created to align with specific frequencies found in each of the 7 chakras in the body.

These include:

A note – 3rd Eye Chakra

B note – Crown Chakra

C note – Root Chakra

D note – Sacral Chakra

E note – Solar Plexus Chakra

F note – Heart Chakra

G note – Throat Chakra

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