Rekindi Jute Starter Pack


1 × Organic Cork Yoga Block

1 × Premium Jute Mat

1 × That Perfect Yoga Bag





If you are starting out in your yoga practice, or even if you are more aware of hygiene and borrowing equipment from your local studio, that this is the perfect pack for you!

Rekindi Jute Starter Pack includes:
1x Jute Mat
1x Yoga Bag
1x Cork Block

Post COVID, having your own personal essentials kit is now more important than ever – for home use or studio classes. Rubber and Cork possess natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties making it an ideal choice for the hygiene conscious. Not to mention, the Natural Jute has AMAZING grip for those sweaty workouts !

Save money by purchasing your Jute Starter Pack.  Includes the Natural Jute & Rubber Mat, one cork yoga block and our pure cotton yoga carry bag.

    Product Features and Usage
    • Eco-friendly, Carbon Neutral & Made with Natural Tree Rubber Base & Cork Top
    • Truly Non-Slip with Excellent Grip
    • Made with Sustainable & Recycled Material
    • Super Easy to Clean
    • Exceptionally Durable

    Mat: Made from Eco-Friendly Natural Jute and Rubber Base

    Bag: Natural Cotton

    Blocks: Premium Cork


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