The worry that others may reject you because you are not good enough is not really something that concerns you much. If people do not accept or like you for who you are, you will not go out of your way to try seek their approval. You are comfortable with yourself and who you are. If the people in your life rejected you, it may hurt, however it will not discourage you in any way or dictate how you will run your life. You understand it is their insecurities and low self-esteem, not yours. You don’t have many past regrets or hold the belief that you will only obtain happiness in the future; you understand that everything you need is found right here, right now.



You know whole heartedly that the only person’s approval that should matter is your own. You know this is your life to live, nobody else’s. You respect, love and honor yourself, thus those around you do the same. You will only ever allow others to treat you better than you treat yourself. We are here to show you how to love yourself. We are here to see how expansive you can be, and connect you with likeminded people who want to share your space of love, understanding, acceptance, adventure and more. Join us in discovering the unlimited power within you!


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