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  • Buddha Style Brass Hand Hammered Tibet Singing Bowl

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    We are exposed to so many different energies around us, from the people we interact with, to stressful situations that can seem overwhelming. Negative energy can quickly buildup within us, particularly during stressful periods.

    Tibetan Singing bowls are an excellent tool to help clear your space and remove negative energy to promote a deep sense of calm.

    This sound healing instrument is used in meditation, sound therapy, spiritual practices, and recreationally.

    This Buddha Style Nepal Tibetan Sing Bowl is hand hammered, with a beautiful intricate design.

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  • Chakra Luxurious Suede Yoga Mat

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    While most yoga mats have harmful chemicals and plastic, this luxurious yoga mat is made from 100% natural suede and rubber. Plus, the microfibre suede allows it to be machine washable !

    Suede & rubber offer a great grip, and is water resistant.

    Free from Zero, zilch, nada latex, silicone, toxic glue, & phthalates. Instead it is made from a soft, premium quality suede microfiber top and 100% natural sustainable rubber base.

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