Benefits of a Natural Jute Mat

Benefits of a Natural Jute Mat

Why get a Jute Yoga Mat?

Jute is a natural vegetable plant that is found in India, Bangladesh and China.  Nicknamed ‘Golden Fibre’, this highly versatile material combines extreme strength, insulation, antimicrobial properties and breathability.


Is jute eco-friendly?

Jute is completely biodegradable, requires little to no fertilizer and cleans the air by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Rekindi’s Natural Jute Mats are combined with natural rubber, meaning the whole mat is bio-degradable & eco-friendly!

Is it strong?

Jute is made from long fibres which provides its natural tensile strength, making it perfect for a yoga mat.

Is jute good for hot, sweaty yoga?

Jute provides excellent grip for even the sweatiest of yoga workouts. The raised ridges allow your hands and feet to grip easier.

How do I clean Jute?

Jute is used all over the world for items such as clothing, like the use of cotton. Therefore, it is super easy to clean. You can place it in your washing machine, scrub it with soap and water, or even spray it with vinegar and water.

Overall, Jute seems like a great choice as its:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Strong Grip
  • Easily washable
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