Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level

Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level

Unbeatable Mind, as the title entails, is a great book with the main emphasis on growing an ‘unbeatable’ state of mind. This is achieved by tapping into the vast potential that is lying dormant inside of you, allowing you to achieve your fullest expression of yourself. Most people are trapped by their current paradigm, unable to see they are capable of so much more. When you unlock that inner warrior, and thus, live through the fullest expression of yourself, your life will begin to transform. The author – Mark Divine – was a previous Navy Seals commander, which taught him superior leadership skills. These skills were developed through being exposed to extreme situations, and having to not only survive through them but thrive as a result.


Mark passes on his knowledge, by teaching you techniques to increase your mental clarity in order to make better decisions under pressure, increase concentration to keep working on your desired goals until they are complete, and increase personal awareness to build an ‘external and internal radar’. Furthermore, he provides emphasis on the importance of being silent and trusting your intuition, because more often than not, it is right. Lastly, he illustrates that a true leader does not lead through fear, but rather through the heart center.


All of these techniques were learned through years of meditation, visualization, martial arts and positive self-talk, which created an unstoppable warrior spirit that would overcome anything and lead through the service of others.


Quotes from the book

“Always meet your commitments. Do more than is expected of you. Do things faster than expected. Achieve better results than expected. Do all of the above with integrity and with little fanfare.”
“to live an uncommon life, one needs to learn uncommon disciplines.”

“An embrace of simplicity offers another potent and liberating opportunity. It allows you to reduce the number of commitments, material possessions, and unsupportive relationships we burden ourselves with. These tend to clutter the mind and weigh you down.”

“Breathing is free medicine, and the daily practice of breath control leads to optimal health and”

“What would you do differently if you knew you had one year to live?”
“a wolf of fear resides in our minds ready to pounce at the slightest danger.”
― Mark Divine
“For every mountain you climb and plateau you rest at, there will be another and more interesting view ahead.”
“(My purpose is to master myself so I can serve humanity as a warrior, leader and teacher).”
“Consistency is the omnipotent force behind change.”
“Even though mastery seems like a goal or destination—and to a certain extent, it is—true masters know that a warrior will never stop learning, never stop pushing boundaries, and never stop growing. So masters focus on mastering the details of the journey every day, rather than the end-state.”
“chapter. To be disciplined is literally to be a “disciple” to something bigger than you.”
“success in life is internal and comes from developing mastery over yourself, and using this mastery so you can serve others in the fulfillment of your purpose.”

“It’s simple: success is defined by choice, and it’s the small choices, not the major ones, that make the difference between good and excellent.”





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