About Plastic Oceans Australasia

POA is an environmental non-for-profit organisation that works throughout Australasia. Its mission is to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’.

Australian children can help our Sea Dragons

Australian coastal seabeds, home of the worlds only two sea dragons are in danger of disappearing due to ocean temperature rises. Have you ever told a student, ‘trees are the lungs of the Earth?’ It’s a common misconception. In reality, our Ocean produces most of our oxygen.

Australian children are being asked to spearhead a program that raises awareness about the fragile marine ecosystems surrounding Australia’s Ocean through the life cycle of kelp.

Plastic Oceans Australasia will deliver an Australian first to schools through a national curriculum unit called “Forests of the Ocean” that will dovetail into the existing curriculum to help teach children the value of our marine ecosystems and how interlinked we are to ocean health.

The sea dragon will be used to engage students with the curriculum set pieces linking the life of the sea dragon to the health of the oceans, food systems, biodiversity, pollution and sustainability. There are only two sea dragons – (weedy and leafy ) found in the world, both in Australian waters!

The module will reinforce that the health of the ocean is dependent on our actions. By stopping pollutants such as plastic waste from entering our ocean (which draws C02 from the sea ) we can demonstrate how this will help rebalance the ocean. Plastic Oceans Australasia CEO Ricki Hersburgh said “This is a wonderful addition for students studying marine ecosystems and how they can assist to regenerate natural habitats which offset GHG emissions. The new resources sit alongside our existing POA programs that teach children about stopping plastic waste from entering our ocean “

Every Year

12 million tons of plastic waste escapes into our ocean.

Every Minute

1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world.

Every Day

The average adult consumes between 126 and 142 tiny particles of plastic.

Every Eco-Cork Mat sale goes towards protecting our oceans from plastic!

We are proud to partner with Plastic Oceans Australasia in our mission to protect and preserve the magnificent Great Barrier Reef & our planet’s vital oceans

There are approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic entering the oceans each year. Think about what impact this is having on marine life!

This is why Plastic Oceans Australasia is dedicated to addressing the most intricate and pressing issues threatening our planets existence.

You can help make a difference! With every purchase of an Eco-Cork Mat, $3.00 will be contributed to funding essential on-the-ground projects and cutting-edge technologies developed by the brightest minds in Australia and beyond.

Together, we can safeguard and restore the Reef for generations to come.