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Crystal Sound Bowl "10 Inch

Crystal Sound Bowl "10 Inch

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Crystal singing bowls are an excellent tool to help clear your space and remove negative energy to promote a deep sense of calm.

This sound healing instrument is used in meditation, sound therapy, spiritual practices, and recreationally.

Each bowl releases a specific vibration created to align with specific frequencies found in each of the 7 chakras in the body.

These include:

  • A note – 3rd Eye Chakra
  • B note – Crown Chakra
  • C note – Root Chakra
  • D note – Sacral Chakra
  • E note – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • F note – Heart Chakra
  • G note – Throat Chakra

Product Features and Usage

Experience the unique benefits of our 10 Inch Crystal Sound Bowl:

High-Quality Sound Bowl: Our 10 Inch Crystal Sound Bowl is crafted from high-quality crystal, producing pure, resonating tones for your sound healing or meditation sessions.

Therapeutic Benefits: The vibrations and sounds from our crystal sound bowl can aid in stress reduction, promoting relaxation and deeper meditation.

Stunning Decor Piece: With its exquisite design and elegant crystal structure, the sound bowl serves as a beautiful home decor item.

Easy-to-Play Sound Bowl: Our crystal sound bowl is easy to play, making it suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Durable Sound Bowl: Made from robust crystal, our sound bowl withstands regular use while maintaining its clarity of sound.

Versatile Sound Bowl: Perfect for sound healing, meditation, yoga sessions, or as a unique musical instrument.

Portable Sound Bowl: Despite its size, our 10 Inch Crystal Sound Bowl is designed for easy transport, making it perfect for use in different spaces.

Experience the harmonic tones and therapeutic benefits of our 10 Inch Crystal Sound Bowl. Perfect for enhancing relaxation and deepening meditation, this crystal sound bowl combines functionality, style, and therapeutic properties. Elevate your wellness practices with our durable, easy-to-play, and beautifully crafted Crystal Sound Bowl.


100% Quartz Crystals

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