Meditation Style Japanese Style Futon


These high-quality Japanese style meditation futon’s are designed to provide excellent comfort during your meditations. With such a wide range of designs, they are great to add to any room.


  • Made with Natural Materials

  • Super Easy to Clean

  • Beautiful for Meditation

  • Natural Design

  • Hand-Crafted

Product Features and Usage

Made with Natural Materials: Made with natural materials, our futons respect the environment while providing a comfortable space for meditation.

Comfortable: The design of our Japanese style futons promotes correct posture and provides supportive comfort, enhancing your meditation experience.

Space-Saving: Our futons can be easily stored away when not in use, making them ideal for compact living spaces.

Versatile: Perfect for meditation, relaxation, or even as a guest bed.

Durable: Made with quality materials, our futons are designed to withstand regular use.

Easy-to-Clean: With removable and washable covers, maintaining your futon is a breeze.

Stylish Futons: With a minimalist, Japanese aesthetic, our futons add a zen touch to your space.

Enhance your meditation practice with our Japanese Style Futons. Ideal for creating a peaceful, comfortable space at home, these futons combine functionality, style, and sustainability. Experience the tranquility of meditation with our eco-friendly, space-saving, and stylish Japanese Style Futons.


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