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Organic Cork Yoga Block

Organic Cork Yoga Block

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  • Eco-friendly, Carbon Neutral & Made with Natural Cork
  • Seriously Excellent Grip
  • Super Easy to Clean
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Amazing For All Yogis To Maintain Alignment

Product Features and Usage

Introducing our Premium Natural Cork Yoga Blocks, designed for yogis of all levels seeking superior support, stability, and alignment during their practice. Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable materials, our cork yoga blocks are perfect for those who value both the environment and their own well-being.

Key features:

  1. High-quality natural cork: Our yoga blocks are made from 100% natural cork, which is not only environmentally friendly but also provides a durable and sturdy base for all your yoga poses. The non-toxic and hypoallergenic material ensures a safe and comfortable practice every time.
  2. Superior grip and stability: The natural texture of cork offers excellent grip and slip resistance, ensuring you maintain proper alignment and balance during your practice. Whether you're working on advanced poses or simply looking for extra support, our cork yoga blocks have got you covered.
  3. Lightweight and portable: Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, these yoga blocks are easy to carry with you to the studio, the park, or your next yoga retreat. The compact size (9" x 6" x 4") makes them easy to store, ensuring they'll fit into any yoga bag.
  4. Versatile and adjustable: Perfect for various yoga styles, our natural cork yoga blocks can be used for Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, or even hot yoga sessions. The blocks can also be positioned in different ways to provide the support you need, whether you're working on flexibility, strength, or balance.
  5. Easy to clean: The natural antimicrobial properties of cork help resist bacteria and odors, making them easy to maintain. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them air dry after use.

Get your Premium Natural Cork Yoga Blocks today and elevate your yoga practice while caring for the planet. Order now and experience the difference that these eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable yoga blocks can make in your daily practice.


Natural Cork

Size and Weight

22.6cm x 15cm x 7.4cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Leza Armstrong
More Than Just a Block

This organic cork block is an extension of my yoga practice. It's eco-friendly, beautiful, and helps me achieve perfect alignment in every pose. It's a small investment that makes a big difference.

Jennifer Martin
From Beginner to Badass

This block has been with me on my entire yoga journey, from wobbly beginner poses to more advanced flows. The organic cork is gentle on my skin yet provides the perfect amount of support. Plus, it's so durable, I know it will last for years to come.

Yin Yoga Essential

This block is the perfect companion for my yin yoga practice. The natural cork is firm yet comfortable, providing the support I need to hold deep stretches with ease. Plus, the beautiful texture adds a touch of zen to my practice space.

Sweatproof Savior

Forget slippery foam blocks! This organic cork block is a lifesaver. The grip is incredible, even when I'm drenched in sweat. Plus, it's so easy to clean and looks so much more natural than the usual yoga props.

shanna smith
Worth the Investment

I was hesitant about the price at first, but this organic cork block is worth every penny. It's incredibly durable, feels amazing under my hands, and helps me achieve perfect alignment in all my poses. Plus, it's eco-friendly, which is a huge bonus!


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