108 Mala Beads - Sandwood Tibetan Buddhism Prayer Beads


  • Beautiful White Wood

  • Super Easy to Clean

  • Amazing for Meditation

  • Natural Design

  • Hand-Crafted

Product Features and Usage

Uncover the unique benefits of our White Wood Yoga Meditation Prayer Beads:

Aid in Meditation: These beads serve as a tactile guide in mantra meditation or mindfulness practices, enhancing focus and concentration.

Stylish Accessory: The natural white wood beads add a minimalist, elegant touch to your meditation outfit or everyday wear.

Durable Meditation Beads: Crafted from robust white wood, these beads are designed for longevity and regular use.

Portable Meditation Beads: Lightweight and easy to carry, these beads are perfect for on-the-go meditation or prayer.

Versatile Meditation Beads: Suitable for various spiritual practices, including yoga, meditation, prayer, or as a decorative spiritual accessory.

Easy-to-Clean Meditation Beads: The smooth surface of the white wood beads can be easily wiped clean, maintaining their natural beauty.

Enhance your meditation practice with our White Wood Yoga Meditation Prayer Beads. Ideal for aiding concentration during meditation or prayer, these beads offer a blend of functionality, style, and sustainability. Elevate your spiritual journey with our eco-friendly, durable, and stylish White Wood Meditation Beads.


White Sandel Wood

Size and Weight

Length: 30cm

Optimum wrist size: 15.5cm (wrap 4 times around the wrist)


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